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Lucy in Space Engine

Pimping Space Engine to visualize a space mission


8-Minute Read

Artists impression of the spacecraft Lucy. NASA/JPL.

For a video I have been preparing about my trip to Spain with NASA (you can read about it in French here (part 1) and here (part 2)), I wanted to show Jupiter’s trojan asteroids, the asteroid Polymele and the spacecraft Lucy. I asked And0uille for help setting everything up in Space Engine. Here is her explanation on how to add everything you need in Space Engine to illustrate the Lucy mission.

Pluto's song

Sometimes, Pluto feels lonely and sings this song

1-Minute Read

Mountains in the haze on Pluto

When Pluto was discovered, astronomers expected to find a planet similar to Earth in size. But as they made more observations, they realized that Pluto is actually much smaller than what they initially thought.

Sylvia Ekström

Stars are our mothers

15-Minute Read

Sylvia Ekström in front of a picture of nebula and stars

This morning we are with Sylvia Ekström who is an astrophysicist at the Observatory of Geneva. She studies the way massive stars evolve over time. She is also very involved in outreach at the Observatory of Geneva and in the entire region. She will tell us about stars and her atypical career.

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