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Dream Scenario

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Here’s something new: a movie review! This week, I went to see the movie Dream Scenario, about the most ordinary guy who suddenly appears in everyone’s dreams.

The movie starts off really well. The pitch is fun. The images are carefully crafted. It’s a delightful mix of eerie and funny.

But suddenly, it seems like the writers ran out of ideas. Instead of capitalizing on the tension that built up during the first hour, the movie turns into something more like a boomer rant about new technology.

A gadget making it possible to appear in other people’s dreams is presented as comedic relief. An attempt is made to integrate this gadget into the story, but it feels forced. It doesn’t lead to any character development nor does it advance the plot.

Dream Scenario somewhat reminds me of Everything, Everywhere, All At Once. The male protagonist in both movies is as ordinary as can be and is in conflict with his family. Both movies play with the idea of a distorted reality. But where Everything Everywhere is funny and touching, Dream Scenario is cliché and bland.

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