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Editing the zen of reffing

A guide to editing a documentation project through the Gitlab user interface

6-Minute Read

Wikipedia image.

Using sphinx and git, I turned the google doc of the Zen of Reffing Roller Derby handouts into a website that can be collaboratively worked on. If you’ve never heard of those things, do not fear! Here’s a guide to making edits to the Zen of Reffing without ever opening a terminal. At the end, I’ll also talk about making to do lists.

Lucy in Space Engine

Pimping Space Engine to visualize a space mission


8-Minute Read

Artists impression of the spacecraft Lucy. NASA/JPL.

For a video I have been preparing about my trip to Spain with NASA (you can read about it in French here (part 1) and here (part 2)), I wanted to show Jupiter’s trojan asteroids, the asteroid Polymele and the spacecraft Lucy. I asked And0uille for help setting everything up in Space Engine. Here is her explanation on how to add everything you need in Space Engine to illustrate the Lucy mission.

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