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Pluto's song

Sometimes, Pluto feels lonely and sings this song

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Mountains in the haze on Pluto

When Pluto was discovered, astronomers expected to find a planet similar to Earth in size. But as they made more observations, they realized that Pluto is actually much smaller than what they initially thought.

In the early 2000s, as observatories got better, we started discovering a bunch of new objects that were similar to Pluto. After all, Pluto wasn’t actually a really weird planet, but instead the extraordinary member of a new category of objects : dwarf planets.

But some people think it’s fancier being a planet rather than a dwarf planet. This makes Pluto sad, and makes it regret the time when people thought it was a planet. That’s when it sings this song.


Everyone thought there were nine planets
Now the IAU says god damn it
Pluto has not cleaned it’s orbit

Why they had to vote?
I don’t know, they wouldn’t say
I was much too small
Now I long for planethood

People thought I was as big as Earth
But they soon found out I’m scrawnier
And I have so many neighbors

October 15 edit

A huge thank you to And0uille for making a clip for this song. You can watch it on PeerTube.

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