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My mind is a gacha machine. Put a coin in to get a task done and you’ll get one of the following:

  1. Tries very hard to focus on task but fails. Ends up staring at the ceiling until will to live fades away.
  2. Is overcome by panic. Gets much done in little time, but frequent and intense stress is said to shorten lifespan.
  3. Has an idea unrelated to task. Either decides to follow idea for fifteen minutes (but end up spending two days doing nothing else) or defaults to 1.
  4. Panics thinking about all there is to do. Switches between sub-tasks without making progress on any of them.
  5. Manages to go through the motions of task, but not in the right order and without paying attention to important details. Ends up with many messes to fix in addition to the uncompleted task.

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